Weekly Schedule


Instructor: Mary Champagne
12-1:30pm Advanced
Handling Techniques

1:30-3pm Course Training

5-6:30pm Young Dogs

7-8pm Young Dogs

Instructor: Diane Patterson
7-8pm Foundations 2

8-9pm Foundations 1


Instructor: Mary Champagne
5-6pm Foundations 2

6-7:30pm Common Handling Techniques

7:30-9pm Course Training


Instructors: Holly Burchsted & Diane Patterson
5-6pm Contacts & Weaves!

6:30-8pm Young Dogs

Instructor: Holly Burchsted 8:15-9:15pm OneMind Dogs Handling Techniques 1


Instructor: Lora Abbott
10-11:30am Young Dogs

A Taste of Agility

Instructor: Mary Champagne
6-7:30pm Distance Training

7:30-9pm Young Dogs
(Diane Patterson co-teaching)

New Classes Added!

  • Mon 8-9pm Foundations 1 - July 30
  • Wed 5-6pm Strictly Contacts & Weaves! - Aug 1
  • Thurs 11:30am - 12:30pm A Taste of Agility - Aug 9