Run for your life!

Do you have a yearning for those fast and flowing, yet technical international style courses on a huge field?
Experience the rush of running for your life and racing for the win!
The Agility Facility is hosting training parties where we build an international style course on a 100' x 120' or larger turf field.

  • Practice deciding where you need to be and the timing it takes to get there on a large course.
  • Play with the fastest handling maneuvers to be most efficient on course
  • Jumpers courses consisting of jumps, tunnels, weave poles
  • Electronic timers can be used for science
  • 30 minutes training time, divided up as needed
  • Private lessons available during your turns
  • Indoors (heated / AC) on turf. 100' x 120' field or larger
  • Crating permitted indoors

Special event July 6 evening, before our UKI Trial

These events are a group effort and everybody helps out! Requirements:
- Meet at The Agility Facility to assist loading up equipment into vehicles and transporting to arena (3 miles away).
- Assist in course building, bagging tunnels, setting jumps.
- Assist packing up equipment at arena and returning to The Agility Facility. We will be finished by 5 the latest.

Cost: $55/person. Limit 10 people.
Location: Montville, CT
Email for priority registration list. And don't forget to sign up for our mailing list!