OneMind Dogs Challenge Club

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Upcoming Dates: Jan 5, 2019

The Agility Facility is hosting recurring training clubs for OneMind Dogs premium members, where we review, discuss, and run challenges from the OneMind Dogs website. This includes material from: Advanced Training Challenges, Next Level, International Training Week, etc. We will watch videos together and brainstorm before running the courses. Other challenges will include things like handling with no arms, silent agility, or walking agility. We will video parts of these sessions and share with OneMind Dogs.

OneMind Dogs Challenge Club, Agility Facility plans to meet weekly with a per-week signup sheet. It will be a 3-hour session limited to 6 working teams. Participants are requested to submit material from the OMD website before the event so we can pick a topic(s), prepare and bring notes / questions (format TBD: email list, private Facebook group/event etc).

This will not be a run-thru or typical class instruction format, but a peer-run discussion and brainstorming group with Mary Champagne acting as facilitator.
- This is a pilot program which OMD hopes to expand so feedback is strongly encouraged.
- *MUST BE* a OneMind Dogs premium member, as we are discussing and viewing proprietary material.
- Sessions will run Fridays 6-9pm, with possibility of additional sessions depending on interest.
- Pot luck plates / snacks encouraged.
- Cost $30.