The Agility Facility


The Agility Facility 

is an indoor dog agility training facility located in Salem, CT. The footing surface is Great Mats: a foam rubber surface that is delightful to run on which allows the dogs to grip with very minimal slippage.

Our agility instructors are welcoming and friendly. We welcome all breeds and all levels of dog and handler teams; from those just starting their agility journey to those who aspire to compete nationally and beyond. We believe in training agility in a language the dogs already understand. Our instructors follow the OneMind Dogs training methodology and strive to make agility as fun as possible for both the dog and handler.

The facility is available for club rentals.

What Is Dog Agility?!

Dog agility is a team sport where the dog navigates an obstacle course as guided by their human handler. Handlers of various physical capabilities can successfully play agility. You don't have to run fast to have clear communication with your dog!

This video provides an introduction to K9 Agility for anyone thinking or new to the sport. It is presented by Jessica Ajoux, trainer and World Competitor. Among many accolades, Jessica Ajoux with her dog Fame(US) won the 2018 Masters Agility Championship at Westminster.